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We educate, empower, and support families during pregnancy and postpartum in Albania and worldwide.


About us

We exist to help families flourish

Every day we reach more mothers in Albania to ensure that each family feels educated and supported for birth and breastfeeding. 

Our passion is to grow our team and services to provide more opportunities for moms in Albania and abroad to find the information and care they need to thrive.


We offer

Prenatal Classes

We offer both in person and online prenatal classes to help you prepare for birth and baby! Our in-person classes are in Tirana and our online classes can be found here. For more information click here.

Lactation Consults

We offer home visits in Tirana to help assist you with any breastfeeding challenge you may be facing. We have well trained staff ready to work and support you as you prepare for and work to meet your breastfeeding needs. Learn more here.

Postpartum Midwife Consults

Our midwife is ready to help you learn to care for your newborn as well as yourself! After having a baby there are many new skills and challenges to face and we are here to help you feel confident in your ability to care for your newborn. Schedule a consult today!

The Mother and Child Hospital Foundation

Our business supports the efforts of the Albanian Mother and Child Hospital Foundation (FSNF). This foundation provides aid to state maternity hospitals in Tirana.

We are Here to Help You Thrive!

As you prepare for birth together and learn to care for a newborn,
we are beside you with proven strategies and hands-on help to see you reach your goals.

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